Monday, September 6, 2010

Real Trinidadians

Location: Dorm desk area
Listening to: Our neighbors rap music and some angry women yelling at each other on the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion (Part 2)
Today's Odd Holiday(s): Flight Procrastination Day/Read A Book Day/Labor Day


Why do wonderful boys have to have girlfriends? I know that's kind of a rhetorical question. They have girlfriends because the girls realize that they are wonderful boys. Obvious. But why can't I find them when they're single?

I had a run-in with my hunky RA crush. He was wandering the halls of my dorm and stopped by to say hi. I really hope we get to be good friends. The fact that I now have his cell number makes me more confident that this will happen. He seems like a really freaking awesome guy. He has awesome taste in music and seems genuinely awesome. Plus he's adorable. Oh my gosh. His girlfriend is a lucky, lucky girl.

I'm writing this as I wait for one of my friends to come on Skype so my roomie and I can chat with her. She went to college in the next state over, so she's even further from home than I am. Also, as we wait for the hunky RA and his friend to make another appearance. We were interrupted from our chat (they asked what my plans were for the night and if I was staring at the wall because you can't see/hear our tiny TV from the hallway) by my actual RA, Eric. Eric came over and told them to stop harassing me because I'm cooler than they are, and then they scooted off to wherever they were going and told Eric they'd see him at 10. Which makes me hopeful that they will stop by and visit again.

Oh geeze, I'm pathetic.

Anyway, I have more classes tomorrow. I have my night class (History Through Film) which I'm really excited about. I think we just get to watch movies like Gone With The Wind and stuff and talk about them. I also have my Theater Appreciation class (which seems like it's going to be really cool) and my Intro to Mass Communication class (which I love so far).

I'm really loving the whole college experience. I've met so many cool people and I feel like my classes are going to be really fun. My roomie and I have had several dorm room dance parties as well as played baseball in our room. (We have a tiny baseball bat in case of intruders and I got a stress ball shaped like a do the math). I'm still getting used to stuff like sharing a tiny space with another person who has different hobbies/quirks than I do. And seeing guys wearing nothing but towels walking down the hall. And remembering to bring my key with me whenever I go anywhere (like running or to the dining hall).

Other than that, though, I'm adjusting pretty damn well. I hope all of you had a lovely Labor Day weekend in the States, and a fantastic regular weekend everywhere else.

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  1. Please keep us updated about your film class, I loved mine (3) but they were more work than I thought. Like an essay each week about the film or elements there of.