Sunday, October 10, 2010


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Today's Odd Holiday(s): National Angel Food Cake Day

It's October 10, 2010. 10/10/10. I think that's pretty cool. Two days til my 19th birthday.

Today was incredibly busy. I woke up, went out for coffee with my friend Danye. We chatted and got caught up and then went and got potato oles from Taco Johns (because that's what we do).

Then I went out for lunch with my friend Paige, followed by thrift store Halloween costume shopping. I LOVE Halloween. I think it's because I'm a theater kid. I've spent a lot of time getting dressed up for fun, so this holiday is probably one of my favorites. We went to our local Goodwill and tried on all kinds of ridiculous things. When I get back to school, I'll post some pictures. It was a fun time.

I ended up deciding to be an 80's aerobics person. I got bright blue leg warmers, a pink sweatshirt that I'm going to modify so it's all off-the-shoulder-y, and I have some green shorts I'll wear over black leggings. And, of course, a side pony tail. It's going to be pretty awesome.

After that, I went to dinner at my grandparents. My mom's side of the family does this thing where we have a huge birthday party each month for everyone who's birthday is in that month. October is probably the biggest. Me, my brother, my sister, my grandma, and two cousins were all born in October. So we went and ate some tasty food and opened presents (my haul: $50, travel Scrabble, Sunshine Cleaning, Australia, and Everything's OK by Ingrid Michaelson). Then I went home and sat around a bonfire with my family.

Then, I went out with my friends Dillon and Chee to update them on all of my crazy boy situations. We made a list of qualities in all of the guys who I'm interested in/are interested in me, and they concluded that David is a "no" and Josh is a "maybe". Our waiter was this guy named Ashton. He was hilarious and probably the best waiter I've ever had in my entire life. He kept coming to our table when I was in the middle of some stupid boy story, and eventually we just clued him in. He's 20, so only one year older than me. He told me that every guy I meet is going to be an idiot, and that he could introduce me to his friend. So he called his friend over and I pretty much died of embarrassment.

But he (Ashton, not the friend) was really friendly and nice. Chee and Dillon decided that he was flirting with me and such, and I definitely flirted back. So the boys made me do the writing-my-number-on-a-napkin-and-leaving-it-for-him thing. I guess we'll see if anything comes of that. I mean, I already have at least two boys chasing after me. What's one more?

Paige and C.Smith, thanks for the comments and birthday wishes! I'm definitely sensing the weirdness of being home after college. It doesn't quite feel like home anymore. Which is strange.

I'm really sleepy. I should go to sleep now. Go eat some angel food cake. It will make your day happy.

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