Saturday, October 9, 2010


Location: Couch (at home!)
Listening to: Curb Your Enthusiasm
Today's Odd Holiday(s): Curious Events Day; Fire Prevention Day; Leif Erikson Day; Moldy Cheese Day

I figured this moldy cheese plush toy was much cuter than an actual piece of moldy cheese.

Today was weird. Good and bad weird. I'm back at home for the weekend to celebrate a bunch of family member's birthdays (including mine). I'm really excited to see all of my siblings cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents tomorrow.

Coming home today was the weird part for several reasons. So much of my life (as in, pretty much all of it) is at college now. That's where my social life is, where my new friends are, where most of my belongings are, where my life is. So leaving and coming home feels strange. Like, it's not really home anymore. It's just the place I stay when I'm not at school.

Although, I wouldn't exactly call school "home" either. I love it there, but I can't quite relax as much as I'd like. Living in a 12x12 room with another person doesn't allow much privacy or alone time. I don't really get the option to just lounge around by myself or have friends over for movies, because there's always someone else there who I have to run things past.

Coming back to my hometown was strange. Especially when I got to my house. As you may recall, we had to put my dog to sleep last week. We'd had him for 10 years, and he had been our doorbell that entire time. He would start barking as soon as anyone even thought about approaching our door. It was weird to come home and not have him there to greet me. It's going to take a lot of getting used to.

I did get to see some friends tonight, which was awesome. I miss everyone I hung out with in high school. It was strange being together and everyone talking about things from college and not knowing the back stories to everyones anecdotes. Especially because a lot of my friends go to the same college, so they all understood everything. It's just strange that everyone has these separate lives now and we're not all 100% clued in to everything that happens to everyone anymore.

My external hard drive died last weekend when Allison and I were building our fort, so I'm currently trying to reload my music. I'm taking a tip from a friend and using this as an opportunity to reevaluate my music. There was so much I used to have that I never listened to. I'm just not going to bother loading it. What's the point of cluttering everything up with something you're not even interested in just so you can look like you have a wide range of tastes? I'd rather just have what I want and not have to make a billion and ten playlists to sort out what I actually feel like listening to.

I hope you're all having a great weekend so far. Go eat some moldy cheese, be curious, prevent a fire, and do some research about Leif Erikson. You never know when that kind of trivia will come in handy.

Cal and C.Smith, thanks for your comments! I'm definitely going to start bringing my iPod with me to work, and the idea of asking my suitors to usher for shows is genius. I hope I get a chance to test it out!


  1. The first weekend home after starting college is always the weirdest and it still hasn't gotten any less weird three years later. There is some weird change that occurs when you go away and you return changed because you're growing up, in a sense, and becoming more independent. You get used to going and doing whatever without telling anyone that it is strange coming home and having to return to House Rules.

    But HAPPY BIRTHDAY whenever that is! I hope it's fab!

  2. Happy Birthday and I surrender to the fact that Cal aka Mr. Peanut is indeed a genius.