Saturday, October 23, 2010

College Is Strange

Location: Dorm Bed
Listening to: Zak Baggans be a crazy person on Ghost Adventures
Today's Odd Holiday(s): Make A Difference Day; National Mole Day; TV Talk Show Host Day

For anyone who had to take high school (or any level) chemistry, I hope you remember what a mole is. Not the little blind rodent that burrows underground. But Avegadro's number. 6.02x10^23. I don't really remember the significance, but I remember having to multiply things by it a lot.

(I wasn't that good at chemistry).

Anyway, today I had to work at an event at our theater, where I have work study. I had to hang out in the gift shop and check stuff out for people before the show, at intermission, and after the show. When I was on my way back to the dorms, I passed the strangest thing I have seen thus far at college.

There were three guys sitting at around picnic table. They had a hookah on the table and were taking turns puffing away at at. And they were also playing Jenga. One of them was discussing how he'd never played Jenga where you have to stack the blocks back on top of the tower after you pull them out, but how it made total sense.

I laughed really hard. I wanted to take a picture because it was so absurd looking, but I was pretty sure they would have noticed and probably been unhappy. Also, it was really cold and I just wanted to get back to my room and put some sweats on.

Nothing else that exciting has been going on. I got an A on my second Mass Communications test, and I'm pretty confident I'm going to breeze through the rest of that class. I've begun a penpal-ship with a friend from back home. Actually, with Exboyfriend #2/4. Hahaha. He knows about this blog, so if he reads! :) Anyway. There is potential for exciting things to happen for me. I'm being really flirtatious with one of the guys I've mentioned in recent entries. There have been some small developments. But I'm still trying to figure out the consequences of the developments, or if they're even significant. I promise I'll fill you in soon! Just hang with me for a bit. I promise it will be worth it!

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