Sunday, October 17, 2010

Boy, Life Can Be Exciting

Location: Dorm Bed
Listening to: A Fiber One commercial and the kids across the hall talking
Today's Odd Holiday(s): Wear Something Gaudy Day

If Lady Gaga failed to accomplish the main goal of today's odd holidays, I'm pretty sure it has no real meaning. Seriously.

Anyway, life has been pretty exciting lately. My roommate and I went to go see this ghost hunter guy last night. His name is Chris Moon and he was speaking in town and we love Ghost Adventures so we went. It was soooooooooo cool. Did you guys know that before he died, Thomas Edison was working on a telephone to communicate with the dead? And that after his death, he communicated through mediums to complete this device and apparently it works freakishly well?

I'm kind of a skeptic, but I love paranormal stuff. It fascinates me. So listening to his stories and looking at his pictures and listening to the recordings he'd made over the past few years was awesome.

I feel kind of bad about going, though. I skipped going to a play that I was supposed to see for a class to go to the ghost hunter. Well, I didn't skip it so much as I didn't go. I had a ticket for Friday night but I got sick so I couldn't go. And then I was planning to go today, but when I checked yesterday I learned that there wasn't even a performance today. And I'd already planned to go to the ghost hunter. So I had this huge dilemma.

But then Allison told me this thing her dad says: "Nine times out of ten, you have to do the right thing. But one time out of ten, you get to do the fun thing." And she convinced me to use this as my one time.

So I did.


Today I unlofted my bed. Our room feels so different. Much bigger. Much roomier. Much more places to sit.

I do have some exciting boy news, but things are still developing, so I'd rather wait to tell you the whole story at once.

More later!

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  1. I'm the same way. I love the idea of ghosts and things being haunted and I definitely think that certain places, like old homes, have an unnatural feel to them, but I don't necessarily know if they are real. I like believing that they do, but until I have a really good possible experience, then I'm going to remain skeptical.