Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Are you sure today isn't "Surprise Test In Every Class" day??

Location: Dorm desk
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Today's Odd Holiday(s): Do Something Nice Day; World Teacher's Day

It's a huge miracle that I survived today. I'm pretty sure I'm the poster child for Murphey's Law (everything that can go wrong, will go wrong).

I had two tests yesterday. One of them was in my hardest class. The one with the professor who just likes to talk about her expansive collection of Starbucks cups. I spent a good hunk of the day reading old assignments and looking at things in the book to try and study, but my brain wouldn't absorb anything. Sitting in front of the test felt like I was sitting in front of a firing squad.

I had another test today. After yesterday's debacle, I just wanted to get it over and done with so I could go and relax until my History Through Film class (which is the most entertaining class I have due to the awesome people in it). So I speed through the test (it was easy - Theater Appreciation) and stroll back to my dorm, where I instantly head for my computer to check my e-mail and waste some time on Facebook.

So I open up my e-mail and start sorting through junk and I see I have an e-mail from my History Through Film professor. So I open it up, thinking maybe class was cancelled or something. No such luck. Instead, it was a reminder that we had a test in that class, too.


It ended up not being that bad. I survived it. And I had one of the most entertaining things ever happen. David was sitting in front of me during the lecture part of class. I had my cell phone sitting on the desk in front of me and I'd been texting Josh, who I've been hanging out with recently. So David snatches my phone and begins to text Josh, pretending to be me.

They were totally flirting. Well, Josh was flirting. David was pretending to flirt. It was hilarious. Some examples from their conversation:

Josh: What are you up to this weekend?
David (as me): Oh, I think I'll probably just lay around in bed.
Josh: Why? The beds here suck.
David: My bed is awesome cuz it has me in it.
Josh: I'd have to agree with that.


David (as me): My phone is dying. I'll ttyl cutie.
Josh: Yeah! Have fun with the movie.  Cutie back at you!

Boys are silly. I told David that I didn't mind as long as he didn't agree to any plans without consulting me or screw up my social life in any way. He got really excited and hoped that Josh would ask me out so he could turn him down for me.

Oh, college. Such fun.

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