Monday, October 4, 2010

Antidote Anecdotes

Location: Dorm desk.
Listening to: Family Guy
Today's Odd Holiday(s): National Golf Day, National Frappe Day

Go drink some frozen coffee.

Anyway, I just have a short story to tell you. I was hanging out with my friend Josh who is as straightedge as I am (as in, he doesn't drink/drug/smoke). His roommate (who is also a huge straightedge) was going for a run and decided to swoosh some mouthwash and the following conversation occurred:

Josh: I didn't know that Listerine made you run faster.
Roommate: Not Listerine. I don't drink alcohol.

For some reason that made me laugh really hard. I've met a guy who's so straightedge he doesn't even use mouthwash that has alcohol.

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