Thursday, October 7, 2010

Profound Thoughts

Location: Dorm desk
Listening to: Out Of My Hands (Live) by DMB
Today's Odd Holiday(s): Bald and Free Day; World Smile Day

I hope someone out there reading this is bald. If you are, show your baldness proudly for the next few hours. And smile at some people.

I had the most boring day ever at work today. I work in the office of the theater here on campus doing random secretarial jobs. Usually I just put things into binders and organize things and then I get to leave an hour before I'm supposed to be done (which is kind of impressive, because I'm only schedule for 2 and a half hours each day I work).

Today, however, I got stuck stuffing programs for the next show we're hosting. By myself. With no music or any sort of entertainment. So for two hours, I just had to stack one slip of paper on top of another and stick them inside a program and repeat. Tedious, mind numbing work. But it gave me a lot of time to think. And I came up with what I like to think is a really cool concept.

Plan for the worst, expect the best. I was thinking of this in terms of finding people to usher shows. We have volunteers who sign up to usher for most things and we have to call and verify whether or not they can still usher a week before the shows. If they can, awesome. If they can't, too bad, maybe next time. If they don't know, they get marked down as a maybe. If they end up showing up, great. If not, we have to have a back up plan.

I was thinking about this and it struck me: I've never ushered, but I hope we plan for the fewest number of people to be there. We divvy up the jobs and sections so that if only the four people who for sure said they'd be there could be there, everything would be covered. But you still expect all of the "maybe"s to show up.

Do you get what I'm trying to say? I'm not sure I make sense.

Anyway, I realized I can totally apply this to my life. Especially with these crazy boy issues I'm having (as in, there are too many boys and not enough information for me to decide who I actually want to continue to get to know and who I should cut off now before they get more interested or whatever). I should plan for the worst. Assume that none of them are going to be guys I'm interested in.

That way I won't go into any situation with any of them expecting it to turn into something fairy-tale-magical. I won't expect them to fall madly in love with me. I'll protect myself and them by just treating them as friends and nothing more.

And I'll expect the best. Getting to know them as friends will definitely let me know whether or not any of them have qualities I'm interested in or qualities that really turn me off. It will help me figure out if any of them are potential boyfriend-types without me feeling like I have to fawn and flirt just to keep them interested.

I don't even know if that makes sense. It does in my head. But things rarely translate well from there.


  1. I may be bald but I refuse to smile...lying your blog always make me smile. You need an MP3 player for work.

  2. I am bald too because I refuse to do the combover.

    Your boy plan is genius. Might want to ask some of them if they want to volunteer to be ushers to see which ones don't mind giving up some time and those who are more selfish. Plus if they really like you they would want to show you by their actions.