Thursday, April 7, 2011

America's Next Top Drama

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NEW FOLLOWER!!! Cruella Collett, thanks for the follow! I always feel so special/lucky/awesome when I see that people actually like to read this. :)

I don't know about any of you, but I am absolutely addicted to America's Next Top Model. I love to watch the process of how the (usually gorgeous) photos you see in magazines and stuff get made. The interactions between the models are kind of entertaining, too.

Last night's episode was the most dramatic thing I have ever seen. For those of you who don't watch, I'll give you the Cliff Notes version of this season, so you can understand what I'm talking about. (SPOILERS FOLLOW!)

ANTM is about girls who want to be models (obviously) who have to live in the same house and share rooms and then do challenges and go to photo shoots and learn model-y type things. There's usually one or two girls who have kind of antagonistic personalities who cause some drama in the house, but this season is especially dramatic. One of the girls named Alexandria has been kind of a bitch from the beginning. She's constantly bossing around the other girls and trying to direct things on set at photo shoots and pretty much just driving everyone insane.

The other girls are always, always complaining about her. The judges called her out for directing on set when she shouldn't have been. It seemed to me that since the last time a week or two ago that she was critiqued for her bossyness by the judges that she got a lot better. And this week, she won the photo challenge - the prize she got: a new car.

The other girls were all super, super jealous. One girl in particular, Brittney, could not stop whining about how Alexandria didn't deserve to win. They got in a huge cat fight in front of the people they were doing the challenge photo shoot for.

At judging, Brittney blew up. Tyra Banks criticized her for fighting in front of the employers at the challenge and Brittney just started blaming Alexandria and saying how no one liked her and how it's her fault that she (Brittney) acted the way she did at the shoot and how she didn't deserve to win the challenge because she wasn't a good role model.

Of course, with that kind of attitude, she wasn't being a good role model either. And Tyra started yelling at her (more or less) for her behavior. So Brittney just starts bawling and runs off set. Eventually she comes back and takes her critique. She was put in the bottom two (one of whom gets eliminated at the end of the episode) simply because of how she acted.

To make things even crazier, Tyra went on a big spiel about how she's not the only one who decides which girls stay and which girls go. They vote, and she always votes last. This time she was outvoted and Brittney stayed in the competition. TYRA TOLD BRITTNEY SHE WISHED SHE HAD GONE HOME.

It was ridiculous. And extremely entertaining for me.


In other, more happy news, today on campus, there is a group of kids hanging out by the university center holding signs advertising "Free Hugs". It makes me happy. They were ambushing people and demanding hugs from passers by. I wanted to take a picture and use that for today, but I didn't have my camera.

Today's picture is Fluffy, my stuffed dog. I've had him since 2nd grade. My friend Gina moved away, and she had a dog just like it, so my parents got it for me to remind me of her. Sweet, right?

Again, thanks for the awesome comments. Allyson - I know exactly the feeling you're talking about! I felt like I was going to throw up when I figured out I left my car in the wrong lot all week, and I was soooo relieved when I only had the one ticket.

That's it for today! More tomorrow!


  1. Hey - thank YOU for posting entertaining stuff ;) ANTM is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I do love to watch it, even if I often feel dumber for doing do. The drama! The bitching! The skinny chics being very concerned about eating a piece of lettuce. The drama. The awesome photos (okay, that is pretty cool). And did I mention the drama?

    But I love it. I can't pretend otherwise...

  2. I didn't get to watch last night's episode, but I had heard about this. Frankly, I don't like either Alexandria or Brittany, but I feel like Alexandria should have been sent home for her bossiness at the coffee commercial shoot, or she should have at least got chastised more than she did. Brittany should suck it up, but I can see where she's coming from, if a girl is bitchy toward you, you can get annoyed with them.

    My biggest problem was Tyra being a hypocrite. While Tyra was pissed at Brittany for essentially being a bully to Alexandria, Tyra was bullying Brittany! I mean, yes, call her out on her attitude and tell her like you told Alexandria, next out-burst and you're gone. But don't be a hypocrite and bully a girl because she was a bully and don't show you bias for other girls!

    OMG I just can't wait to see it

  3. Happy for only one do see the good side in everything and everyone. Woohoo to the new follower, I read a bunch of her stuff last night. That woman can write! Really glad your blogging everyday, even when I know nothing about the post you make me smile.

  4. I love that kind of reality show trainwreck. I have to watch that episode now just to enjoy the drama. Glad to see others from my site are following you now. They know a good thing when they see it.