Thursday, April 21, 2011


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Listening to: Gilmore Girls (the one with Lane's baby shower)
Days Without Fast Food: 26ish

I'm going mildly crazy, so just bear with me, Internet. I'm overwhelmed. Today was sneaky and pulled a bunch of crap that made me go from, "Tra la la...everything is easy." to "Mmfpfhfhfhhff!!!!"*

I have three papers due next week, two of which I've known about for a month or two, but which I waited until last weekend to start. So today I've been cranking out essays and stressing over sources and facts and interviews and quotes.

Then I got my financial aid information for next year and, surprise surprise, the government suddenly hates me and decided I'm only worthy of half of what I got last year. They're giving me two loans and that's it. Last year I had several loans, multiple grants, work study, and lots of other helpful things.

Fortunately, I also got news today that I've been awarded a $500 scholarship. Which will help...a little.

I also got offered a position to work at a front desk in one of the dorm buildings...if I had work study next year. Which I don't. Lammmeee.

I'm going home tomorrow for the weekend to hang out with my family and do Easter-y things. But right now it feels like today is never going to end. I have no clue how today got to be so incredibly overwhelming. I feel like I'm stuck. Or drowning. But not normal drowning. Like, I was laying in my bed and someone suddenly started raining pillows down on me and I slowly just got buried under this massive pile of pillows and they're still soft and cuddly but I'm kind of in shock because I can't comprehend how they got there or what I'm doing under all of them.

Blagh. More tomorrow.

*Those are the sounds I make when I'm buried under tons and tons of stuff. Like, a massive amount of stuff.

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