Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kitty Purry

Location: Brad's Apartment
Listening to: Scrubs
Days Without Fast Food: 10

Yesterday it hailed. And rained. While the sun was still shining. I tried to take a good picture, because the view through our window (with my roomie's cute spring-themed window clings) was pretty gorgeous. This photo doesn't do it justice.

This week, I have been introduced to two things that I'm kind of addicted/fascinated with. The first is Kitty Purry. Katie Perry has several cats. Most of them have normal, cat-sounding names. And then there is Kitty Purry. I find this both hilariously funny and mildly narcissistic or the obvious reasons. Who names their cat after themself, but changes some vowels so the names are cat-related? Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Katie Perry. A lot of her music is catchy and fun. But this just cracks me up.

The other is Angry Birds. Brad downloaded it on his phone the other day when we were at a restaurant and I was bored because I finished eating before everyone else. I have the lowest threshold for puzzle game addiction. You should see me play Bejeweled. It's rather insane. So I immediately was hooked on this game. Honestly, I'd heard about it before, but I never really knew what it was. Let me give you the run down.

You are a bird. You're kind of cute and fluffy looking. And then these evil green pigs steal your eggs. You are pissed. You want your eggs back, dammit! So, you go off on a mission to get back your unborn egg children. You do this by slingshot-ing yourself at various structures made of stone and wood and ice, trying to knock things on top of the pigs. You have to obliterate all of the pigs before you can clear the level.

It sounds stupid, but it is one of the most obsessing things I have encountered recently. To make it worse, my phone doesn't have a touch screen, I don't have an iTouch, and they don't have a flash version for computers, so I can't play it unless Brad let's me borrow his phone. (Which he does, frequently, because he is kind of the best boyfriend ever).

In slightly more personal news, I scheduled my classes for next semester today, and I got all of the ones I wanted! I'll have all of my Gen. Eds. out of the way (except for one that you have to be at least a junior to take) and several credits more towards my major and minor. I'm excited. It'll be a pretty heavy workload, but I think I'll be able to handle it. Hopefully.

I hope you are all having a great week so far. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments! TS - Thanks for the blog birthday wishes! And Heather, it was the Gilmore Girls episode where a pickle train overturns by Stars Hollow and stinks up the town and Logan comes back from London and surprises Rory for a day and Lorelei and Christopher decide that they're going to go to Paris. I loovvveeee that show so much. :)

More tomorrow!

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  1. Angry Birds is addictive, but I'm still baffled by it becoming a movie.