Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why do some things matter?

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So, it recently came to light that the judge who overturned Proposition 8 in California (the law banning gay marriage) was gay. And people are making a huge stink about it. I understand that people think this is a conflict of interest and stuff but I have a question.

Does him being gay really make any more of a difference than if he was a straight guy who just simply supported gay rights and equality?

I mean, if it had been a civil rights law that had been overturned by an African-American person, would people be making just as big of a deal about it? Or would they be seen as racist or prejudiced?

If it was a law that banned guns that was overturned by a gun owner, would people care?

Do you guys think it makes sense for people to be making a big deal out of this? I just don't really understand why his sexual preference should exclude him from being able to make that decision. Because wouldn't anyone who overturned it have supported gay rights? What would it matter if they were gay or not?

More tomorrow.

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  1. So after the Lent what fast food did you rush to today?