Saturday, April 9, 2011


Location: Dorm bed
Listening to: Can't Buy Me Love (the movie)
Days Without Fast Food: 14
Followers: 27!!!!

YOU GUYS! YOU GUYS THIS IS SO EXCITING!! LOOK AT MY FACE RIGHT NOW!!! (Ignore the fact that I just woke up and am still in my PJ's and look mildly crazed).

First, I have a new follower! HI AMY!! THANKS FOR BEING COOL!!!

I don't know how many of you have heard of Keltie Colleen, but she is a dancer/writer/awesome blogger with a super cute blog about love and life. She's pretty well known, and I AM HER GUEST BLOGGER TODAY!!! You can read my post on her blog HERE!!

Make sure to check it out, because she's having a whole month of guest bloggers, and the one who's post gets the most unique hits gets a bunch of cool swag. And also, it's a pretty cool post, if I do say so myself.

I'm really excited just for the opportunity to blog on her blog, because she's kind of an awesome person and a good role model and it's just nice.

In other news, I'm not sure how many of you got around to reading my post yesterday, but I am putting in a call for help. Brad and I have a weekly radio show where we choose a theme and then pick our music/news stories/segments based around it, and I am running out of themes to use. In the past we've done things like family, love, weather, people, places, our state, and other stuff along those lines.

If you guys were listening to something like that, what kind of themes would you want to hear? Let me know!

Thanks! More later! And don't forget to check out my post on Keltie's Blog!!!


  1. awww that's so exciting! i loved your post lol

  2. See, didn't I tell you that eventually you would be recognized for the good writing you do and the good person you are? You don't have to thank me. LOL

    How about themse like:

    *movies songs
    *graduation songs
    *wedding songs
    *country/pop crossovers
    *country/pop duets
    *bizarre duets(Walk This Way - *Aerosmith/Run DMC)
    *Top songs by years
    *request favorites
    *one hit wonders
    *favorites that are tied to a specific memory you have

  3. Oh, just went over to read your guest post...BRILLIANT. If I was still teaching I would make it a reading assignment for everyone of my students. It's such good advice and if it keeps ONE girl from going out with a dickhead (or ONE boy from becoming a dickhead) then it would be worth it.