Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm Boring

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Yayyyy two new followers! Welcome Anna and ylrocgirl!!!

You guys have no idea how boring things here are right now. Like, I'm totally happy doing what I'm doing, it's just, I really doubt you want to hear about how I spent my free time yesterday sitting on my boyfriend's couch watching Best In Show and then wasting time on Facebook while he went and did things that might actually actually influence his future career.

Boring, right?

Anyway, Cal, I broke my Lenten Fast Food Fast with some Culvers chicken tenders and fries. Yummmm. Over the course of the past 40 or so days, I cheated a few times by snitching a few fries or a chicken nugget from people, but I never went out with the intent of buying myself fast food. I'm pretty proud. I went out to eat a lot this semester and I was feeling kind of gross. After a month of not eating out once or twice a week, I feel much better.

Yesterday, Brad had me try the work out regimen thing he does a few times a day and today my arms feel like they're in a constant state of falling off. It involved a lot of lifting a medicine ball and doing crunches and I'm pretty out of shape. I have literally no upper body strength. It's rather sad. So I'm definitely feeling that today.

My goal for this summer: get in shape. I'm pretty happy with my physical appearance, but I know health-wise, I'm really out of shape. The other day I ran from the parking lot my car lives in to my dorm, which is roughly a quarter of a mile, and I felt like I was dying by the time I got back. I want to be able to do that without feeling completely winded. And I want to be able to lift things without feeling like my arms are getting ripped off. And getting a little more toned wouldn't hurt anything.

Two questions today.

1.) Do you have any goals for the summer? Do you want to learn something or achieve something or do something cool?

2.) What kind of work out things do you do? And what would you suggest for someone who doesn't have a gym membership and isn't really in the habit of doing a lot of physical activity? How can I get started in a way that won't discourage me from trying to work out ever again and that will motivate me to keep going?

More tomorrow!


  1. I have been going to the pool early morning three times a week. It's a nice walk to and from and that gets me time in the sauna and fullfills my exercise for the day.

    I also found it helpful to go with a friend or to take lessons. I fence in the winter and might take up tennis when I get more in shape.

    Having a doggy to walk everyday often is enough guilt to get people off the dooor.

    Thanks for all your effort this month. Learned lots more about you and hope to coninue to be aq follower and a friend. Kal

  2. Having grown up long ago, I know that goals are for suckers. That said, my goal for the summer is to get to Pete's Burgers in Prairie Du Chien, and to not get stung nearly to death by bees.

    I jog for a workout.