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I Believe

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Hey Internet.

Well, my awesome road trip got cancelled. It's been raining like crazy and I have two big papers to do. Do any of you know of any small magazines in the U.S. that I might be able to contact someone at for one of my classes? I've been trying to get a hold of someone so hard, but no such luck.

A few days ago, Allyson suggested I write a blog entry about my beliefs. I'm assuming she meant my faith or my religion, but I'm going to throw a curve ball with this one.

I was raised Catholic. My mom's side of my family is all very Catholic, so I grew up going to CCD every Wednesday night and Church every Sunday, giving up things for Lent and all of those types of things.

Now, I believe that there's a God. I'm not sure if it's because so many things seem like they'd be impossible without one or because life would be a lot more scary without the promise of Heaven and happiness after death. But a lot of things about my religion don't make complete sense to me. I've always been a pretty open minded person, but my religion isn't exactly the same way. I don't want to get into details, because I don't want to isolate myself from those of you who may feel differently than I do, but I'm just more open minded than the religion I was raised in. Because of this, I don't really identify with a certain religion. There are parts of each one that sound nice and reasonable and good to me. They all teach great values and emphasize love and peace and justice, but some express it in ways that I understand easier.

Religion isn't what defines my beliefs, though. Not at all. At one point in time, I think for my creative writing class last year, I wrote this:

I believe that everything happens for a reason. That all the events that occur in daily life are connected. There is something strong. Call it fate or destiny or God. But there is something that makes us look back and see how the good and bad are connected, and without one, we never would have experienced the other.

I believe that the things you want happen when you stop wanting them so bad. When you realize you can't make things happen and you don't have any control over the outcome of many situations, you start to see possibilities you never thought of before. New doors open. Light shines in through the windows. And suddenly you realize what you wanted wasn't really what you wanted and what you want is easily within your reach. You just have to relax and go with the flow and stop trying to force life to happen.

I believe that love is the strongest thing in the world. It's a feeling that never entirely goes away and is capable of inspiring people to do great things. You never hear of someone creating something beautiful and amazing out of hate. Love makes us treat others better and bring beauty into the world and help others to be happy. It can't be forced to end or begin, but starts of its own free will, often when least expected or even wanted. It's a feeling everyone desires, but no one can exactly describe. Somehow, though, we all know what it is.

I believe that mellow music is best played in the background. And everyone should have their own soundtrack. There are songs that fit every situation, mood, and thought. It would only be appropriate for them to start playing when they are really needed.

I believe that there is someone for everyone. It may not be love-at-first-sight, or even romantic love at all. But there is someone out there who will make someone else feel complete. Someone who fills in all the lonely places and makes you smile no matter how you feel. Someone who just always knows what to say and when, who never lets you down, and who would never do anything to hurt you. Someone who you can trust with everything you have and know that they won't screw you over. I need to believe this. Because if there's no one out there for everyone, what's the point?

I believe that forgiveness is the only way to get over things. It's ok to be angry or upset, but holding grudges doesn't accomplish anything except for bringing you down. Everyone needs to face their issues, take a deep breath, and let them go. It feels a lot better for everyone. When you forgive someone, it feels like a weight is gone. It's the same when you're forgiven for something you know you did wrong.

I believe that every person we meet teaches us something. It may be a literal fact, something about ourselves, other people, or the world in general. But there is a purpose for every person who has ever impacted our lives.

I believe that, at some point in life, each person needs to tell someone exactly how they feel about them. Preferably in a constructive or non-aggressive way. If someone is oppressing you or holding you down, you have a right to let them know how they're making you feel and how you don't appreciate it. Likewise, if someone makes you feel like the center of the world and like nothing could be better, they deserve to know.

I believe that feelings are not meant to be kept inside. They are meant to be expressed. If you love someone, tell them. If you're sad, cry. If you're angry, yell. If you're happy, smile. There's no reason not to.

I believe that risks are meant to be taken. That every thing that seems to hard or scary to do needs to be done. It helps us see what we're capable of. Plus, you never know the outcome of something until it happens. No one is happy sitting alone wondering what might have happened if they'd tried something different or said something they were afraid to say. You may be afraid it will end one way and be completely taken by surprise when it happens. But every risk is worth it.

I believe that beliefs are necessary. Without them, there's no way to have hope. And without hope, you may as well be dead.

What do you believe? What is important in your life? What kind of things do you think are necessary to be happy and peaceful?

That's it for me today. More tomorrow! Have a lovely weekend. :)

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