Saturday, April 16, 2011

Top 5 Favorite Things About The Internet

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Well, Internet, today is half way between being a semi-productive day and being an incredibly lazy day. Since my road trip got cancelled, I've been lounging around Brad's apartment and occasionally pretending to work on a paper that's due in a week or two. Every few hours my conscious starts to guilt me about my perpetual procrastination and I write a sentence or two and go back to doing online crosswords.

It was in the midst of this procrastination that I realized how much I love the internet. So much, that I want to make a top 5 list about it. Just for you.

Abbie's Top 5 Favorite Things About The Internet

5. It helps me procrastinate. Seriously. I know that's a terrible reason to like something, but on days like today when I know I should be working on things but I have zero motivation, it helps to have something that completely steals my attention. Because I feel a lot less guilty for not doing the things I should be when I don't remember that I'm supposed to be doing them.

4. It is full of wonderful things. Sure, the internet is also home to lots of awful things, but there are so many awesome things on it, too. Like this video. And this photo. And really nice people who write really funny things that make people smile. Like you guys!

3. StumbleUpon. If you guys have never experienced the delights of Stumbling, I highly recommend you go and download the toolbar RIGHT NOW. Pretty much, you fill out a survey of your interests, download the toolbar, and hit the "Stumble!" button, and you are taken to a website that you will probably enjoy. Warning: Stumbling is a hugggeeee time suck. If there are things you really, really, really, no excuses, absolutely have to get done, you might want to wait on trying it out.

2. Social Networking. This is also one of the things I hate about the internet. I love that things like Facebook and Twitter make it so easy to connect with people and stay in touch with friends you don't see all the time. I hate that I can get so sucked into just staring at my Facebook news feed and waiting for my friends to do interesting things that I don't do anything interesting myself.

1. Did I mention procrastination? Without the internet, I would not have been able to start this blog and consequentially write this list and share it with you guys in order to put off working on my paper. I really, really don't want to work on my paper.

Have you guys ever been in one of those moods where you just don't feel like doing anything, even though you know you have stuff to do? What do you do to get out of them? Or do you just embrace it and go with the flow?

That's it for me, today. More tomorrow!

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  1. Yeah, I wasted a couple hours earlier on Stumble. haha

    I'm in love with the internet today though. What with coachella streaming on youtube. It was pretty awesome seeing Mumford and Sons and Swell Season doing live performances.