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Lately, I've been really curious about other people's holiday traditions. It all started last Wednesday when I was at the elementary school visiting my lunch buddy. I asked her what her plans were for Easter and if she got an Easter basket. She told me she always gets a basket full of cool stuff and I asked if her parents/the Easter bunny hide it and she has to look for it in the morning and she looked at me like I was crazy!

Ashley: What?
Me: parents always hide our Easter baskets in weird places and make us look for them. It's really fun.
Ashley: That's weird.

Then it dawned on me that hiding Easter baskets is not something that every family does. For the past twenty years, my parents have been hiding our Easter baskets every Easter Sunday. They get really clever about it, too. We always get a parameter of where they're hidden (like, they're all on the main floor, or some might be in the basement, but none are upstairs). Once mine was hanging from the shower head. My brother's was crammed in the kitchen cabinets one year. A lot of times they're just stuck behind the curtains. But even now that my siblings and I are adults, we still make them hide our baskets. Heck, we still insist on getting baskets.

Do you guys do anything like this? I know a lot of people do an Easter egg hunt, but do you hunt for baskets, too? Or do you have any cool/weird/unique traditions for other holidays? For Christmas, my grandpa used to dress up in a cow suit, call himself the Christmas Cow, and pass out string cheese.

I'm really interested in what you guys do to celebrate things! Let me know, and I'll see you again tomorrow!

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  1. At Easter time we usually buy a dozen of those insanely decorate Ukrainian Easter eggs and give them out to friends of ours.

    I grew up on military bases and about five or so days before Christmas, Santa would get let down to us from a helicopter and he gave out presents that of course our parents had given to him. That was always a thrill.