Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm A Wanderer

Location: Home!
Listening to: Demi Lovato be dramatic on a 20/20 interview

Days Without Fast Food: 26 or so.

You guys! I'm home! I mean, I still have three or so weeks left of college left, but I'm home for the weekend which is kind of awesome. I spent yesterday writing three, yes, three, essays in a row so I don't have to do any homework this weekend. Considering that for the majority of my college career thus far, I haven't done any homework until 24 hours before it was due, this is kind of a huge accomplishment for me. All of the papers are worth a pretty large chunk of my grade in various classes, and it's a big relief to get them out of the way and just be able to spend the weekend relaxing with my family.

My parents just got back from a trip to Italy, so we spent a while looking at their photos and getting souvenirs (that word is not spelled at all like I thought it was). They brought me back a gorgeous scarf.

I really hope that one day I can travel a lot. Maybe I'll write for a magazine and get a chance to go all over the world. I'm looking into doing a semester abroad in Dublin, which I think would be a fantastic experience. Ireland is number one on my list of places I want to travel to, so getting to live there for an entire semester would be awesome.

I don't really have much to talk about today. I'm exhausted from driving and the weather has been gloomy all day and I think I'm probably going to go to bed soon. I'm going shoe shopping with my mom, grandma, and sister in the morning.

Where is somewhere that you really want to travel? Or where is the coolest place you have ever been? I love hearing travel stories.

More tomorrow!

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  1. I watched the Demi interview, too!

    I traveled to China, once. That was pretty interesting. It would have never been my first choice, but I definitely learned a lot.