Monday, April 11, 2011

Housing Update

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AHHH MORE NEW FOLLOWERS!!! Welcome Mallory, Julianna and Lucie!!! It makes me super excited that people actually like to read this. And I know I say that every time someone new starts following, but honestly, I get extremely excited when I see that you guys find me entertaining enough in whatever way to constantly get updated of my nonsense.

Today's picture: My roommate got more Easter-y window clings and decided to rearrange them to tell a story. The butterflies hate the bunnies, so they are bombing them with colorful eggs and flowers. One butterfly is dive-bombing. It's intense.

I don't remember if I ever gave you guys an update on my living situation for next year, but everything got worked out. I told the girls who were trying to foist me out of the room I signed up for that, sorry, but I wasn't willing to leave because I signed up for that room for many reasons. They were pretty understanding about it, which made me happy, because I felt like a huge bitch for unintentionally complicating things for them.

A few days later, they both e-mailed me and said that one of their mothers had spoken to the housing director  and apparently a lot of people had been having the same problem they were (where someone stubborn accidentally signed up for a room with someone who already had a roommate in mind and then refused to leave) and he got them a room on a different floor of the building we all wanted to be in.

So they're happy. I'm happy. And we all live happily ever after.

I haven't met my real roommate for next year yet, but I've e-mailed her and she seems like a nice person. I hope we get along in real life.

I think that's it for today! I'm prepping for tonight's radio show and researching* for a paper and waiting to get an interview for a second paper, so I'm kind of busy.

More tomorrow!

*Researching = highlighting almost the entirety of each document I'm using and then claiming I read and understood it before totally B.S.-ing my paper.


  1. I'm glad your housing situation has gotten all settled! And I love the window clings! So cute!

  2. Having housing situations all settled is always a huuge relief. Oh, and AH! I love new followers, too! :]