Sunday, April 11, 2010

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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I have no motivation to do anything. Seriously. I'm supposed to be writing an editorial (that I told my newspaper adviser I've been working on at home all week...which, in actuality, I haven't even thought about starting yet), writing a speech I have to give for a class on Tuesday, and reading all the stuff from Heart of Darkness that I haven't read yet, because I guess we're having a big quiz thing tomorrow on it.

Instead, I'm watching The Simpsons. And debating whether or not I should start reading Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. And trying to finish my laundry and maybe taking a shower. All of which are highly academically stimulating activities, obviously.

Our choir concert went as predicted: It was hot on stage. I got sweaty and almost fainted once or twice during songs. Then I sat down. I just realized this is leading to a story about an exboyfriend, but you guys don't know who my exboyfriends are. So I shall detail them for you quickly:

Exboyfriends: The High School Years

Exboyfriend #1: I dated him from the end of my freshman year to just before my junior year. He was a year older than me. Also, he was a drummer and thought he could play guitar and sing (but he couldn't). His mom was scary. I broke up with him because, even though he was nice to me, I finally realized he was a jerk to my friends...and kind of obnoxious. (And also because I realized I still had feelings for White Chocolate).

Exboyfriend #2/4: I dated him from November to February my junior year and February to March this year. He was in a band for a while and was a pretty nice guy. He was the first guy I dated to break up with me, which sucked. He actually broke it off both times. The first time over the phone because he wasn't completely over his ex. That left me heartbroken and crying for weeks. The second time over a text conversation because he didn't want to get too attached since I'm leaving for six months. That just left me pissed off.

Exboyfriend #3: I dated him from June to August the summer before my senior year. He was an exboyfriend of one of my not-so-close friends (I kind of sort of unintentially homewrecked their relationship...but in my defense, they were on rough ground before I came along). He was also a musician (he played every instrument ever and sang), and he was obsessed with conspiracy theories (I'm not even joking. One time he told me about how all of the governments of the world are working on weather weaponry so they could use weather to wage war. He insisted that Hurricane Katrina was an attack of Weather Warfare). He ended up cheating on me with my friend/his ex, so I broke it off. Actually, Exboyfriend #2/4 defended my honor and yelled at him for me. Exboyfriend #3 ended up blaming me and saying that he didn't think cheating mattered and blahblahblah. I had panic attacks the first few times I saw him after that.

Anyway, now that you're caught up with that, Exboyfriend #3 was at the concert. Which caused some mild awkwardness, because he's trying to get back with his ex/my friend (but she won't take him back because we both agree the whole situation this summer was his fault and he's not worth either of our time). But mostly I ignored him.

Also, last night, Exboyfriend #2/4 started talking to me for pretty much the first time since we broke up last month. He was asking me if I was dating Alex and talking about how he could tell that we were super close and how he's jealous that I have such good friends. I'm pretty sure he was stoned, which is infuriating because he was always the guy who's like, "I don't get why people feel the need to drink or get high to have fun and stuff" which meshed nicely with my straightedge ways. And now he drinks and gets high. I hate it when people go against everything they stood for. Especially because he never really cared what people thought, and now he does. Because he's a huge coward and he's afraid no one likes him because he keeps pushing people away by doing asshole-ish things that no one wants to put up with, but he wants everyone to like him.

Aggghhhh. Boys are stupid.

(Even White Chocolate. He's not an exception to this rule. Although we did enjoy some flirty banter type stuff today. But it was over Facebook, which is stupid. He didn't even talk to me at our concert today. GAAHHH. Boys are stupid.)

Alright. Rant over. More tomorrow. :)

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  1. I would comment on the boyfriends, but I'm too distracted by the thought that ANYONE wants to read "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter."