Sunday, April 25, 2010


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Welcome to Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness! I would get more elaborate with the greeting, but frankly, I don't have the energy.

Last night was Melissa's post-prom party. Our school has a Junior Prom and a Senior Ball, so all of us seniors went to Mel's house while they were dancing to make food and hang out. Alison and I made about six dozen strawberry cupcakes. And Dan made a ton of pancakes of every variety (banana, chocolate chip, chocolate-chip-banana). White Chocolate and Alex just kind of hung around, keeping us entertained.

After we got done baking, we went in the hot tub. And then more people showed up. One kid brought this totally insane professional sound system and lights, so the basement was pretty much transformed into a club. It was kind of like the high school parties you see in movies (but without the booze/sex/drugs). When the prom kids got back, they all kind of hated us for making mini-basement-prom, because they just really wanted to sit down.

We ended up watching Red Mist (which was the craziest movie ever), Step Brothers, and Repo: The Genetic Opera.

I ended up getting an hour of sleep.

It was kind of cute because everyone was coupled up and cuddling with someone. Except, I was cuddling on the floor by myself. And White Chocolate was cuddling on an air mattress with two other girls. Which was kind of not fun for me, but I survived. Dan and I were kind of cuddley for a while, but then he turned into a blanket/pillow hog, so I moved.

There was probably a lot more entertaining stories and I could've gone into a lot more detail, but my brain is fried. I'm exhausted and I still need to do homework. And...yeah.

Agh. Bye.

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  1. I hope many of my followers find their way to your site. I always enjoy a blog that is well written and interesting to read and I have to admit that I was hooked the minute I followed 'The Saga of the Chicken Bone'. You have a great attitude and self-depricating humor about yourself. You can turn any ordinary experience into literature (so rare a gift) so I encourage you to keep doing that voodoo that you do.