Monday, April 5, 2010

Followers, Viruses, Homework - OH MY!

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Days til Graduation: 64!

Followers: ONE!!!

Yes, that's right!!! I HAVE A FOLLOWER!! Briane P - you win. What is your prize? It's amazing. It's wonderful. It's completely rare and one of a kind....



Really, though. You rock. This post is dedicated to you. To anyone else who may read this: click that little follow button right over on the side! I know you see it. I would LOVE to get a small following. It's nice to know that this is reaching people (even though I'd enjoy writing it even if no one ever read it).

In other news, last night I managed to get a nasty virus on my laptop. I was purusing the lyrics to The Decemberists "The Hazards of Love" album when a mysterious Antivirus program started running scans on my computer. It turns out that this was just a tricky virus that has disabled iTunes, all Windows programs, Spybot Search & Destroy, and Firefox. So my technologically advanced friends are trying to talk me through the getting-rid-of-cyber-aids process (at which I'm failing, because I suck at technology). Hopefully it gets worked out, because I've only had that laptop for about two weeks. And I may have already killed it.

Go figure.

Before I get into the other stuff, I'm gonna give you a brief run down of

People Who May Appear In This Blog (so I don't have to continually explain who everyone is):

Alison - My best friend/partner in crime. She's the person I turn to when I'm having boy drama or life drama or just about any kind of drama. We don't hang out as much as we did last year, but we're still pretty close.
Allison - My friend-turned-penpal/future roommate. She moved to Texas my sophomore year, but is coming back for college, so we'll be sharing 12-square-feet of space next year. I'm excited.
Jessica - My other best friend. We bonded over Harry Potter and Star Wars, so pretty much every time we hang out is a geekfest. Sometimes our conversations turn into verbal combat because we both have so much to say.
Steve - The most mischievous of the bunch. He's constantly pulling pranks and doing stupid things to make people laugh. He is also an Eagle Scout.
Dillon - My Yoda. He's the one who's always giving me advice for one thing or another (even if half the time I don't agree with/follow it...). He's also super-sensitive, which makes him a good person to go to with guy problems.
Alex - My sassy gay friend. Actually, he's bi. And we spend most of our time flirting and gushing over cute boys. He bounces between amusing and annoying, but that's what makes him Alex.
Nicole - At one point, I would have described her as my arch-nemesis. But lately, we've been kind of getting along. She loves attention, which makes it hard to be around her in groups of people, but she's very smart and good at listening when you get her by herself.

Today was also the first day back to my hellhole High School after a luxurious spring break of sitting around my house. To quote one of the sports editors of our school paper (of which I'm Editor-in-Chief, by the way) "Our school's a prison." (You have to imagine it being said by the whitest white boy ever, trying to use a ghetto accent).

Actually, it's not that bad. They feed us. We don't get beaten. We're usually free of death/bomb threats. It's just a typical high school. Everything seems so long/dull/pointless though when you come back from a week of not having to do anything and sunshine-y 80 degree weather. We technically only have 44 more school days left until graduation (64 including weekends/days off), but that seems like an eternity. Senioritis is definitely getting the better of me. I have AP testing in a month, then a month of having to show up in spite of the majority of my classes technically being done. I'm so ready just to be done and out.

Next year I'm going to a state school 3 hours away from home for Journalism (or something with writing, I'm not sure if the journalism part will change or not once I get started). I honestly couldn't be more excited. I'm rooming with Allison, and one of my good guy friends (not named above) is going to the same school also, so I have a built-in flirting companion/potential Something (with a capital "S"). Pretty much, I'll just be glad to get out of this town.

I'll rant more about that later, though. For now, I'm going to try to de-virus my laptop.

Wish me luck!

[EDIT: You know it's a slow day when the local news station is reporting on a Girl Scout's stolen cookie money and the "shocking suspect." (My guess is troop leader or crazed mom). I just saw a commercial for the story and had to let the world know.]

[EDIT #2: I forgot to mention that today, this guy named Stuart in my AP Lit class totally made my life by lending me two Glen Hansard/Marketa Irglova CDs and burning me a completely awesome mix of folk/indie music. This wouldn't normally be significant except for:

1.) He's pretty much the quietest kid ever. He moved here from Maine for his senior year, which probably explains some of the shy-ness. But everyone thinks he's the man.

2.) He's a ginger. And looks like a baby hipster with his glasses and facial fuzz. (This isn't significant, but it's interesting).

3.) I didn't even ask him for any of these spectacular examples of music. He just noticed my status on Facebook (fondly referred to as "Crackbook", "Faceplace" and "Why-The-Hell-Am-I-So-Addicted-To-This-Sad-Example-of-Pseudo-Social-Activity?-book") about watching Once and loving it, and he messaged me going "Hey Abbie. I'm a connoisseur of all things music and I just happen to have some CDs you might like and, oh yeah, I burned you a mix the other day because I felt like it." (Well, not in those exact words. But you get the point.)

It was the only thing that made my Monday not a complete waste of time.

Ok, done for real now....unless I remember anything else I need to share. :)]

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