Sunday, April 4, 2010

Attack of the 50 Foot Hair!

Location: Bed
Listening to: A lame cover of "Iris" (originally by the Goo Goo Dolls)
Days til Graduation: 65!

Humidity is the worst invention ever. I'm pretty sure everyone can agree on that. Especially those with curly/wavy hair. Like me.

For example, today my hair looks like this:

That's not a picture from today (Oh no, today I was cursed with a Donna Reed-esque "Easter dress" with one of those built-in crinolines that scratch your legs/butt when you sit down. I misguidedly decided to braid my hair after I showered last night in a attempt to tame it that backfired hideously), but it's me. With what looks like a feral cat attacking my head. Humidity does sucktastic things to my tresses. Usually, my hair looks like this:

It's got some wave to it, but it doesn't normally look like it's consuming my head. It's tame enough that I can just pull it back and not worry. (My attempt at baking those cookies, though, should be a cause for concern. I shouldn't be allowed near an oven. Or, actually, a kitchen in general. Bad things happen.) On a good day (with much help from my straightener and lots of hair product) I can get it to look like this:

It's nice. It's straight. It's shiny but not greasy looking. And it cooperates. (That person with me is my best friend, Alison. We've attempted to take a picture of the day most days for the past year or so...but that kind of failed. This is probably the best one from that effort: fake finger moustaches. Always classy. Note the creepers in the background: the guy = Steve and he'll be making many appearances in coming entries, I'm sure.)

Big hair is just one of the many reasons humidity makes me want to move to Arizona or the Sahara or somewhere dry. Going outside right now feels like your constantly rubbing against someone who has a glandular problem and is perpetually sweaty. And all the moisture condenses on the tank of the toilet and cold glasses and makes them slippery/gross feeling. Plus, it's only about 40 degrees. And I don't live near an ocean. So there's really NO GOOD REASON (except for the impending storm I can see gathering outside my window) for it to be like this.

I just wish it would rain and get it over with.

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