Monday, April 12, 2010

What's a Hufflepuff?!

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This is gonna be a quick one. First, lemme respond to comments. Briane P: I'm a coward. Which is why I'm not talking to White Chocolate about a possible "us" type situation right now. He's only been single for about a month, and before that he was dating someone pretty consistently for the past four years. So I'm giving him some time and trying to reestablish our friendship first. Plus, he and I are going to the same college next year, so it's not really a now-or-never type situation.

Also, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has along story behind it. My friend/future roommate and I have this huge inside joke involving Abe being a sexy beast, and how she wants him to be her boyfriend, etc. We get each other Abe-themed gifts (she got me a bracelet made of pennies once. I got her an Abe-shaped cookie cutter and a penny-shaped notepad and stuff. You get the picture). So when I saw this book, I thought it looked hilarious. This was when I was dating Boyfriend #2/4. He ended up getting it for me (partly because he knew of my love for Abe, partly because he thought I was obsessed with vampires...which I'm not).

Mostly, it looks highly amusing. And kind of wonderful in a quirky kind of way. (I did decide to put off reading it, though. I'll give you a final review when I finish it.)

Actually, besides that, there's really not much to talk about today. I don't want to rant about boys or school or anything, and there's nothing terribly exciting going on with me. So.....yeah!

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  1. I just looked at the plot summary for the book and had an idea (somewhat twisting the author's idea): Maybe what this country needs at the helm is a vampire. Nobody would have the courage to oppose him/her. Think of the unity it would create!