Saturday, April 24, 2010


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Tonight, I went to Alison's with her and Alex, Chee, and Erik. Where we watched Blair Witch Project. And I just about peed my pants. I can't sleep and it's past midnight and tomorrow night is prom (not that I'm going, but I'll be at Melissa's after-party) so I know I won't blog later. So I'm getting it out of the way now.

 Lessons I've Learned from The Blair Witch Project

1.) Do not go into the woods at night. All of the scary things happen at night. If the sun is out, your totally ok. But once it starts going down, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE.

2.) Make sure you know how to read a map before you go on a hike. Not knowing how to read a map can get you lost and killed by a crazy witch.

3.) Also, make sure your friends know how to read maps. If they don't, they might get frustrated when you get everyone lost and throw the map into the river in a fit of rage. And then you're screwed.

4.) Bring a cell phone or a GPS or signal flares or some kind of thing you can use to help if you get lost. That way, you can contact someone, figure out where you actually are/where you're supposed to be going, or at least get someone's attention.

5.) Trying to make a documentary will make all of your friends hate you.

6.) All of the wilderness survival skills in the world won't help you if a crazed witch ghost thing is after you.

7.) Schadenfreude still applies in life-or-death situations.

8.) Tell your friends if one of the others is presumably dead. That way, when you hear his disembodied voice yelling for you at night, you won't be tempted to follow it and end up dead yourself. Hopefully, you will run the other way!

9.) Basements are scary places.

10.) Watching The Blair Witch Project scares me and makes it impossible for me to fall asleep normally.

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