Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cheeze Nips are growing on me

Location: Still the computer desk. I really need to get my laptop looked at.
Listening to: America's Next Top Model critiques. :)
Days til Graduation: 61 (I think I messed up my countdown at some point?)
Followers: TWO!!

YES! THAT'S RIGHT!!! I have a whopping TWO FOLLOWERS now!! TS Hendrik, HI!! I loved your idea for the potential punishment for the Girl Scout cookie money thief. I'm pretty sure anyone who isn't driven mad with guilt by sitting in the middle of a circle of pissed off/crying Girl Scouts (who are generally very cheerful/peppy little girls) is not human.

Today started out as the potentially longest day of my life but somewhere morphed into a pretty good time. Wednesday mornings, school starts an hour late for us, so we get to sleep in. It's supposed to give teachers time to collaborate and clubs time to meet. Mostly it gives me and my friends time to meet for some much needed coffee/bonding time. We go to this tiny, independantly-owned coffee shop that I worked at for about two years before I couldn't handle the manager's lack of sense and passive-aggressively quit (by saying I had to get a second job and wouldn't be able to work there until after I got trained and I'd let them know when I could come back...and never did...I'm kind of a coward when it comes to confrontation).

Anyway, this morning they were training two new people. And I got overcharged (but I caught it and got the right change) and stuff was made wrong. But I just grumbled to my friends and got over it. Then school kind of hated me (except we got to watch this cool video about Bellvue in Psych). I had to run for 10 minutes and I couldn't slack because I was forced to wear a heart monitor. And then there was a pop quiz in my AP Lit class on the 7 1/2 pages of Heart of Darkness we were supposed to have read...which I hadn't. So my day was kind of sucking.

Then I had to go straight from school to a voice lesson (to practice a duet with an extremely attractive-but-pretentious homeschooled guy for our senior recital) and straight from there to work until 10. It was going to be a 15 hour day.

But! I gained a follower! And I got off work 3 hours early (good for my mental health, bad for my bank account). And I caught most of America's Next Top Model (which I'm shamelessly addicted to)! And now I have time to blog and get my homework done and read and eat! (I'm munching on this great cheesy snack mix which has all kinds of carb-loaded goodness. Including Cheeze Nips. Which I usually avoid, because I think they taste like cardboard. But I like them! That's how good of a mood I'm in! My tastebuds can't even complain!)

The only things that could make this better are:
a.) cheesecake
b.) no homework (instead of having to read more of Heart of Darkness which, for those of you that are lucky enough not to have been forced to mentally digest it, consists of 72 pages of mind-numbing tedium and can be summed up by the words, "I'm on a boat")
c.) cute boys.

I'm definitely a teenage girl. ROTFLMFAOOL!!! (Just kidding.) (Except, not about the being a teenage girl part. That's true.) (Just kidding. I'm actually a 40-year-old man with a beer gut and a bad mullet.) (Just kidding again, I really am a girl. I promise.)

Well, I think that's it for now. My head kind of feels like it's about to explode, so I'm gonna stop staring at the computer. Maybe.


  1. Cheeze Nips? Blasphemy! Cheez-Its are the real deal.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. (By the way, you guessed correctly: #9 is false. Good job.)

    I've just been reading through your blog. You're a very good writer.

  2. I've never read "Heart of Darkness." But now I feel like I have.