Monday, April 26, 2010

A Detailed Account of Saturday Night

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"You're blushing!"

That's what Alison's sister, Candace, said to me as White Chocolate sat down on my opposite side on the bleachers as we prepared to watch all of our Junior friends strut their stuff for the Grand March before Prom actually started on Saturday.

And she was right, I totally was blushing. The fact that she pointed it out and he was within earshot made me blush harder and bury my face in the sheet of paper that constituted a program, pretending to search for names of kids I actually knew (even though there were none). And I'm pretty fair-skinned, so when I blush, I blush. Embarrassing, bright-red-all-over, doesn't-go-away-for-a-hundred-years type blushing. If anyone ever mortifies me in front of an angry bull, I'm a goner.

So, I changed the subject and turned on flirt-mode. He and I chatted with each other and play-fought and joked around and had a fun time. I made him a paper crane out of the program (after my blush had subsided enough that I could stop using it as a face-shield). We made commentary on what dresses were pretty and which ones didn't quite work. He gave his opinions on formal wear (unnecessarily uncomfortable/not enough functional pockets).

The rest of the night kind of went like that. We flirted with each other (and everyone else). Alison and Candace gushed to me in whispered conversations about how he and I are too adorable together (and other kinds of girlish exclamations) while the three of us were busy making a few dozen strawberry cupcakes. He and I talked/speculated through Red Mist (which was about these med students who accidentally put one of their fellow students into a coma and a girl who feels bad so she tries an experimental treatment on him that allows him to travel out of his body and possess/kill people) and quoted along with StepBrothers and sang along with Repo.

Sadly, two other girls were there who ah-dore White Chocolate as much as I do (but in a more blatantly obvious way), and they claimed space on the air mattress he brought with. I was originally on the floor next to them, but then my friend Dan decided to come cuddle with me (which I found awkward because he once confessed his undying love for me and told me he was really pissed off because I wouldn't give him a chance), but I was still watching the movie. And he ended up pretty much stealing my blankets and pillow. And everyone else was cuddled up together (including Alison and Alex, who make pretty much the cutest couple ever, even if they aren't officially a couple).

So I ended up in the middle of the floor, more or less alone. Siiiiggghhhhh.

In other news, some little neighbor kids is marching up and down the street playing what I think is supposed to be "Hot Cross Buns" but could very well just be them making something up on the recorder. Ooooh, they switched to "Mary Had a Little Lamb". This kid should keep it up. They could probably go pro.

Well, I think that's all I've got for now. I'm still pretty exhausted from the weekend. It was a busy one for me. How about you? How was your weekend, Internet? :)

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  1. My weekend didn't have the highs and lows yours did -- and no "Hot Cross Buns" on recorder.