Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cop out.

Location: Desk.
Listening to: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (my guilty pleasure)
Days til Graduation: 39

Ok, so I don't really have much to talk about today. It was boring. So, I made you guys a little video of me singing/playing Falling Slowly by myself (because I couldn't kidnap White Chocolate to do it with me). The catch is, I just uploaded the video, so it's still processing. But keep checking back! Sorry if the video kind of sucks. My digital camera is not a good video camera substitute (the sound gets out of sync just about when I start singing), and my piano is way out of tune which makes me a little out of tune at points. Plus I'm singing the harmonies during the chorus. So...yeah. :)

Um, oh yeah. It cuts off halfway through the second verse. Oops. To make up for that, here is a picture of a goat crossing a high wire with a monkey on its back. Yeah, I know. I didn't believe it either!

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