Wednesday, April 14, 2010

B-b-b-burnin' up

Location: D.E.S.K.
Listening to: Reba. God, I hate this show.
Days til Graduation: 53 or so.
Followers: Still four!

Last night I had a really odd dream. In this dream, I was reading hayleyghoover's blog (which I'm mildly obsessed with. If you haven't, start reading it. It's witty and clever and hilarious. I accidentally stumbled across it one day while Google-searching for some random thing from this book, and I was hooked. I doubt she knows who I am, but she's my blogging role-model.) and there were all kinds of hilarious Harry Potter references, and I was on my laptop somewhere and everyone kept trying to read over my shoulder and I kept getting really mad because I didn't want anyone else to read it because it was my thing and I didn't want to share the thing that I liked because then all kinds of other people would run around talking about it and it wouldn't seem as special/cool to me anymore.

This dream makes me think that blogging has definitely reached the "I'm-addicted-and-if-I-miss-a-post-I-fear-I'll-start-going-through-withdrawl" stage.

Also, I remembered one thing I forgot to tell you yesterday: I set a towel on fire in my foods class. Seriously. It was a Home Ec. disaster the likes of which are only seen on Disney Channel shows and after-school specials. I was switching my peanut butter cookies in the oven, but the pot holder things were really far away and there was a conveniently located dish towel and I just had to adjust one of the cookie sheets, so I grabbed the towel and stuff. And it did a good job at not burning my hand (well, kind of. They're not as thermo-resistant as TV shows make them seem...), but it didn't do a very good job of being flame-retardant when it hit the heating coil at the bottom of the oven.

Luckily, the rest of my group was MIA and the teacher was on the opposite side of the room, so I quickly tossed the (now-riddled-with-singe-holes) towel in the sink and ran some water over it to make it stop burning. So no one saw. I was in the clear. But that just made it kind of smokey and smell really bad. Fortunately, no one seemed to care. So...I win.

I'm gonna go now. I have to work tonight. So....yeah. (I've always sucked at conclusions. Can you tell?)

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  1. One of my friends once tried taking a pan out of the oven with paper towel. Just about burned the kitchen down.

    The end?

    My favorite conclusion.