Saturday, April 3, 2010

Better Late than Never!

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Leave it to me to start BEDA 3 days late. Oops. Well, I'm here. I'm making an attempt. We'll see if I can do it (or Blog-Every-Day-April-minus-3-days, I guess).

This isn't my first blog. But it's the first one I'm intending on maintaining fairly regularly. The others were kind of set up to rant about things (mostly guys) and then when I ran out of steam, they dwindled into nothingness.

But I guess since I'm starting this today, I'll give a bit about myself.

My name is Abbie. I'm an 18 year old girl from the midwestern area of the United States. I'm a senior (I graduate in 66 days!) and am going on to college next year for Journalism (or something writing-y). I frequently trip over things, work at our local Family Video, and more or less enjoy being around people. Usually. Sometimes I can't handle the stupid high school drama. But I generally just ignore it.

I have terrible luck. (Example A: One time I was in a local production of The Wizard of Oz playing a Jitterbug [which was arguably the most pointless/least desired role] and had to do an incredibly stupid dance. But I got to fall and land on the lap of the guy who played the Tin Man who I adored. One day at rehearsal, we were practicing the falling-onto-peoples'-laps-like-dominoes thing and I fell onto his lap...and my pants ripped from the waistband to the back of my knee. And I'd started getting my period at that rehearsal and didn't have any feminine hygiene supplies. And there was still an hour of practice left.) But I make do.

I'm involved in a lot of theater stuff. The only big role I've ever had was Emily Webb in "Our Town". It was also probably the most fun production I've been in (which just goes to show that when they say all parts of a show are equally fun/important, they're usually lying).

In my high school career, I've dated 3 guys (4 times) and ended up happily ever after approximately zero times. The first guy I dated because everyone said I shouldn't. And he was nice to me, but a complete dick to my friends. The second guy I fell to fast for and he ended up being my first "big" break-up. The third guy was a friend's ex...who ended up cheating on me with my friend. And then I dated the second guy again, and he broke up with me again. In a text. Because I'm leaving for college (in six months) and he didn't want to get more attached if we were just gonna break up anyway (which he had no way of knowing).

I'm still a little bitter about that last one. But whatever!

Alas, work is calling my name.
More later.
(If I remember).


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