Thursday, April 22, 2010


Location: Foods class
Listening to: Goodbye Earl by The Dixie Chicks
Days til Graduation: 46

Yes, I'm blogging at school. We just had to write reports on fruit. Yes. Fruit. I learned some very interesting things about the papaya. Like, it's a good meat tenderizer. And stuff like that.

I’m practicing with White Chocolate after school, then going to the walk-in clinic. I keep getting headaches and my throat feels weird and I can’t really swollow that well. So I’m going to get checked out to make sure it’s not strep or anthrax or anything.

Pretty much this is the most exciting thing I’ve done today. Blogging at school. Hah.

This laptop sucks.

I’m gonna be done. Sorry for such a short/lame post. But class is almost over. I just wanted to write from a class. 

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  1. Try gargling with honey water. My brother does a lot of singing and that's a remedy he's used.

    That's why papaya is good for the stomach.

    You know you can send a banana through the mail? I read it in this book of weird things that had actually shipped through the mail with just a stamp and address on it.