Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Location: The downstairs couch
Listening to: A commercial for some new Drew Barrymore movie
Days til College: 23

Hey folks. Another rather dull day. I worked again. My sister is home for a visit. I've settled onto the downstairs couch to watch my new favorite make-over/dating show (Plain Jane, and don't judge me! I'm a sucker for these things.)

Mina - The first book in that series is called Sorcery and Cecilia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot and it is by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer. The second book is called The Grand Tour, and there is a third book that I haven't read and therefore don't know the name of.

I decided at work today while I was thinking of things to blog about while labeling empty DVD cases for next week's new releases that a big part of me loves the first book in that series for one word: besorceled. I think that's it, at least. It might be ensorceled, or perhaps just sorceled. I'm nearly positive it's a made up word meant to mean something about being enchanted by a sorcerer. Do me a favor and say "besorceled" out loud once.

It's fabulous.

I got a letter from my peer mentor today. Every freshman at my college is assigned an upperclassman to be mentored by. My peer mentor is a senior named Vinny. He seems pretty cool. I think he has a good sense of humor and stuff. That should make my first few months in college entertaining.

I think that's it for tonight. More tomorrow. Maybe a new video tomorrow, too. We'll see.


  1. We don't get assigned a mentor person. Maybe I'll find an impromptu one :)

    And besorceled is splendiferous word.

  2. We never got our own, personal mentor, but we did have a college orientation class that lasted for 7 weeks where we had a college student mentor for the whole class.

    I'm glad Vinny sounds cool and I guarantee you that the first few months of college will be entertaining. All four years for me have been a riot.

  3. Did you get picked for a jury?