Monday, August 23, 2010


Location: Sprawled on the couch
Listening to: CSI: New York
Days til College: Four. Holy crap, that's not many.

So, I finished my article! It came to 463 words, which I think is pretty good for a 5-movie review + 2 sentence intro. I still feel like it was kind of trite and lame, but I sent it off to my editor anyway. We'll see what he thinks of it. Hopefully he doesn't write back and go, "You were so terrible we have decided not to let you major in Journalism. Because we have that kind of power."


Well, I'm uploading a video right now. I really just want to go to sleep, but I need to shut my computer down. And there's only a few minutes left on the vid uploading. So it shouldn't be too much longer.

Speak of the devil, it just finished. Hahaha.

I really haven't done anything interesting today. We went to see Dinner for Schmucks so I could have another option for my article. It was funny. Kind of slow at parts, but pretty damn hilarious at others. We also went to my grandpa's nursing home for an ice cream social they had and I practiced some ukulele and knitted and watched Gentleman Broncos (which was a terrible movie) and laid around. And I had my first-ever video chat with my friend Steve. For about a minute. Most of which was spent contemplating how he was going to get my copy of Pride and Prejudice back to me before I leave for school.

I have this odd problem with my laptop keyboard. Whenever I type "s", two s's come out. I'm not sure why. But it's been happing really frequently lately. Odd. Any ideas of why this could be?

Thanks to everyone for the awesome comments on my yesterday post. I really enjoyed all of your takes on High School English classes and such. :)

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