Thursday, August 26, 2010

Internet People Are Awesome

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So, I'm about 100 pages into Mockingjay and it is just as fantastic as I'd hoped, but I just spent the last few hours hanging out with my friends so I decided I'd get this done before I get back into the book since I'm going to have such a busy day tomorrow (today).

Our Taco Bell re-opened today, so my friends and I all went. It was delicious, just like it always is. If you haven't had TBell, you need to go find the nearest one and order a Crunchwrap Supreme. If you have $3, you will have enough for this. It is heaven on a taco shell wrapped in a tortilla and grilled to perfection. Yuuummm.

Anyway, after we consumed more calories than we needed for the next few days, we went to Bobby's house and watched TV and played around on a website a lot like Chat Roulette (it was called Omegle or something weird like that). There were so many penises. It is a really entertaining site because you can meet some really amusing people, but do not go on it if you are opposed to seeing guys jerking off or asking to see your boobs.

We finally decided to prank all the pervs lusting after cleavage. I went on the camera, and when they asked to see my breasts, I would start lifting my shirt and then we'd turn the camera to point at Bobby. He's a bigger guy, and he had his shirt off and was rubbing his chests and gyrating. The looks on peoples faces were hysterical.

We had this site going on about 4 computers, and Alex finally came across this really cool girl named Abbey. She was a lot like me, only British and 16. But we chatted with her for at least an hour. We talked about music and movies and life situations. She was genuinely one of the nicest, friendliest people I've ever talked to. We all gave her our web-contact info, so hopefully she'll get in touch!!

Anyway, I have to go shower now and read some Mockingjay. I have a long day ahead of me. Coffee with Jess, laundry, packing, dinner with my parents, and then a bonfire. And then on Friday I move.

See you once I'm all settled into my dorm room. :)

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  1. good luck on your college life! :)