Monday, August 30, 2010


Location: Desk (dorm room)
Listening to: My fans whirrrriiiinng

Hey! So today was super awesome. I just realized that my last post was my 100th post ever!! YAAAYYYY!! I have officially had a centennial. I think that's awesome. I'm really proud of myself even though it just means I've written slightly over 3 months worth of blogs (if I were to blog daily every day every month).

Also, one of the college tech guys got my internet all set up for me so I can blog to you from my very own college dorm room! YAY!! I was really excited about that. Having to walk over to the other dorm (even though it's about 50 feet away from where I'm currently sitting) was a pain.

I ran into Brian, the RA who attempted to hook up my internet for two hours for me the other night, a couple times today. Once in the dining hall, twice meandering between our buildings. He seems pretty cool, definitely someone I could be friends with. He invited me to work out with him and this girl earlier, but I was running to Walmart with some friends.

And because of that Walmart trip, I can show you what my dorm room looks like! How awesome is that? I picked up a memory card reader for $8 so I can finally transfer my photos.

Isn't it nice? My roommate moves in tomorrow. Actually, I have to help people move their junk in starting in about 8 hours so I should probably go. But one last thing!

I just realized I need something new to count down or to put in the spot where I usually have a countdown. Preferably something that changes fairly regularly. Any suggestions?


  1. Congratulations on getting to college.

    I suggest not counting down, as that de-emphasizes what you're doing right now while looking ahead to the next thing. What about counting UP? You could count the number of new people you meet, or the number of new things you try. Something like that.

    (Don't block me for being uncool.)

  2. Room looks great. Can't imagine using that small of a space anymore. How about a counter till finals or a counter saying how long since you last slept. Trust me there will be many times with no sleep.

  3. Sigh...dormroom. I so miss those those days. Those courses you are takin sound great too. Good luck. These are the best days of your lives. Keep us all posted.