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Ghost Hunting

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Two quick things before I get to the good stuff:
1.) MY UKULELE BOOKS COME TODAY (and my uke should be here by Wednesday!)
2.) I got my first assignment for my college newspaper!!!

Ok, now the interesting part.

So, as you might have seen by my tiny post yesterday, I went ghost hunting with some friends (Bobby, Chee, Dillon, Danye, Katie, Becky, and Allison). There's a town a few miles away from where I live with a big, marshy wilderness area. This area has a lot of gravel roads for hunting and stuff. Access roads, mostly. There's this legend that in the 70's, a man disappeared and was found beaten to death back in the marsh. So the marsh is supposedly haunted now.

The story goes that if you drive down there at night, turn off the car and electronics, and sit really quietly, the ghost will visit you. He will write on your windows and make noises and appear. A bunch of my friends went last week and apparently had a really freaky time. They sat and waited for the windows to fog up and they heard a sound they compared to the T-Rex stomping around in Jurassic Park. They got freaked out and left, and when they stopped at their rendezvous point (a grocery store parking lot) they saw that 7 = kill, dead, and other threatening things had been written on the foggy windows. There were 7 people in the car.

So, they told those of us who hadn't been there the first time all this while we were driving down the freaky, wood-surrounded, deeply-pitted gravel road to the turnaround. My friend Danye and I were freaked out, and  Allison and Becky, who'd been there earlier that night, were literally in hysterics. Which freaked us out even more. Add a mysterious red light at the turnaround and we were all freaked out. The red light ended up being another car's taillights. But we didn't want to be down there at night with strangers, so we turned around and went back to an ice cream place.

On the way back, Becky and Allison told us about what had happened to them earlier that night. They went down with Allison's dad (who wanted to see what the hype was about). They parked the car and did all the required stuff. Within three minutes, the windows were fogged up. That's when Allison saw a glowing orange light out her window that looked like someone inhaling from a cigarette. It went out. Shortly after that, she saw a misty figure. She said there's no way it could have been a person, it wasn't substantial. She could see through it. So she started freaking out and her dad floored it out of there.

When Danye and I heard this, we were terrified. We decided we didn't want to go back when they went back and they could just leave us somewhere. But we didn't want to stay at the ice cream place (which was outdoors, because we were in a city we didn't live in and knew no one from) and there was no where else to go. Finally, Danye decided she'd be fine if she closed her eyes. I was still scared shitless, but I wasn't going to stay somewhere by myself, so I decided I'd just close my eyes, too.

I ended up huddled in the back with Danye and Dillon, all 3 of us clutching hands. I kept my eyes squeezed shut the whole time. We got to the end of the haunted road, turned around so we could make a fast exit, and turned everything off. It was dead quiet. And then we heard a rhythmic tapping. And a sound like fingers against the window.

We sat there for about 7 minutes. Bobby and Chee wanted to get out of the car and walk around, but I freaked out and begged them not to. I was definitely the most scared person there. They finally all decided that nothing was going to happen, and I recall saying, "You guys, can we just leave? I don't like this. I feel like I'm going to pee my pants and throw up at the same time." So we left.

Here's the freaky part: As soon as we got back to where the moon came through the trees, we could see the fogged up windows clearly. All of them were just fogged up, untouched. Except the ones around where I had been laying. There were what looked like flames or hand prints on the back window, and something that looked like this next to me:

I don't know what that looks like to you guys, but to everyone in our SUV, it looked eerily like a scythe. Above my head. On the inside of the window. And no one in the car drew it. And the guys cleaned the windows before we left, just to make sure.

Needless to say, I'm never going back there. Nuh uh. Nooooo way.

I survived, though. And the rest of the night was amazingly epic. I can't go into much detail, because there was something highly questionable about the legality of our endeavors, but I can tell you that justice was served, I am a ninja, I can run waaayyyyy faster than I ever thought I could, and hearing a pack of coyotes howling at midnight in the middle of the country when you're half a mile away from your car is scary.

More tomorrow!!

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  1. That's terrifying! It's horror movie stuff.

    My college is haunted and the museum where I work is haunted and I've had some pretty spooky experiences, but none as scary as that!