Monday, August 2, 2010

Fighting the Nerdfight.

Location: Couch (where else?!)
Listening to: The 10th Kingdom (a.k.a. the best fantasy mini-series ever to grace American television)
Days til College: 26

Ladies and Gents, I am now, officially, a Nerdfighter. It was a long process, but finally I have reached my goal. And I have to say, I'm pretty happy. Life seems to have changed dramatically in the past 24 hours. It's actually a pretty interesting story to how I got here. So I shall share as I sit here and munch the last of my Nutella on toast. And maybe it will help any of you who are unaware of Nerdfighters (like I was a mere four months ago) understand (and join) our cause.

Back in April, I started this blog on a whim. I was looking for an outlet, and I randomly found my inspiration in Hayley's blog. I wasn't aware of her YouTube fame. I wasn't a fan of her hilariousness who came seeking her blog. I literally stumbled across it. I had Googled "marcus flutie ring inscription" because I love the Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty and I wanted to make this beautiful phrase ("My thoughts create my world") my Facebook status. For some reason, Google led me to a post from Hayley's blog from April of last year. I think I found the quote I was looking for, and then I kept reading. She mentioned Blog Every Day April and talked about life in a really witty way that I could relate to.

And then I realized, "Hey! It's April right now! I could give this a shot and see if it goes anywhere!" So I did. My awareness of Nerdfighters also started with Hayley. I was perusing her profile to see if I could find any good blogs to follow when I noticed her occupation was "Nerdfighter". My first thought: What the hell is a Nerdfighter? Well, Nerdfighters are good finders.....just kidding. I kind of ignored it after that. But then I started following more blogs and realizing a good part of the blogging community I admired were Nerdfighters.

My interest was piqued, but I still didn't look into it. Or maybe I did, but I didn't really get it. My blogging eventually lead me to YouTubing, which lead to an even more heightened awareness of Nerdfighting. Because if you think that the blogosphere is full of Nerdfighters, you obviously haven't seen how many are out there in the YouTube universe.

So yesterday, I decided I needed answers. I Googled "nerdfighters" and got directed to the Nerdfighters Ning page. The short history is in 2007, John Green (author of Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, etc.) and his brother, Hank, made a vow to have no textual communication with each other. So they started a vlog and posted back and fourth for a year. Over the course of that year, John discovered an airport arcade game called Nerdfighters and started speculating about what types of people Nerdfighters would be. The conclusion was that Nerdfighters are various types of Nerds (book lovers, movie lovers, music lovers, gamers, writers, etc.) who fight for the common good.

Pretty much, Nerdfighters are made of awesome.

So last night (or possibly very early this morning) I joined the Nerdfighters network. Today, I watched three months worth of Brotherhood 2.0 (the Green brother's vlog project) while alternately building a Map of Hogwarts puzzle, cooking stew (that in itself is a good story considering my tendency to burn food beyond recognition), and knitting what was originally going to be a Gryffindor scarf until I realized I barely know how to knit, let alone alternate colors on something, so now it's just a red scarf. I intend to watch even more tomorrow. I love it.

In other news, today I had another adventure. I vaccuumed under my bed. I haven't done that in several years. But, in the spirit of preparing my room for my evacuation to college, I decided I needed to clear out the storage bins I have under there in case I need them for dorm room crap. And that led me to a great cleaning spree. I found some really interesting things under there, including:

-my mom's flute from when she was in high school band.
-a black tank top that I have been missing and pining over for at least a year, if not more.
-several bookmarks (including a nice metal one in the shape of Hedwig)
-three socks
-a lot of dust

You could say today was eventful. The rest of the week promises to be as well. I work for the next three days and I have jury duty. Yes, jury duty. Oh the joys of being an American citizen of legal age. There are actually two trials this week that I might have to be on the jury of. One Wednesday and one Friday. If I get selected to sit on the jury, I'll try to remember any interesting stories to tell you guys.

Well, I'm all typed out now. I guess I'll see you tomorrow!!

OH! And thanks to Lex for the awesome book suggestion. I literally remembered that I want to read Hunger Games about thirty seconds before I read your suggestion. I'm going to Barnes & Noble tomorrow and I intend to buy it. :)


  1. I hope you love it because it's one of my favorites! I am so glad you are a Nerdfighter now. Excellent career move :)

  2. Welcome to Nerdfighteria!

    I love finding random things when I clean. It might even happen when you're packing to move to college. I've found things I thought were lost forever every single time I've moved back.