Monday, August 9, 2010

Where am I?

Location: Unknown
Listening to: Sounds
Days til College: 19
Followers: ?

So, I think I had my days til college right until that last post. I really am terrible at numbers. Even counting. How sad is that? At least I don't have to take any math classes ever again. That's a comfort.

Right now, I could be just about anywhere. I might still be camping, but if the weather is unpleasant (i.e. extremely hot/humid/rainy/cold/etc.) I could very well be in a car on my way home, or even home already. If that's the case, I'll just let this post itself anyway. That'll give me one less thing to worry about besides my probably urgent need for a shower and food that isn't pudgie pies and smores.

On Wednesday, my friend Lindsey and I are going to collaborate and do some video-ing. She's hilarious, so I'm really excited for this. She's the one who filmed that Our Town video I posted a while back.

On Thursday, I'm possibly dying my hair. Temporarily. Either red (not Ariel-the-mermaid red, but reasonable hair color red) or blonde. I haven't decided yet. Any opinions? My hair is kind of a light brown color at the moment. I've never dyed it before, so I'm a little nervous. But it's temporary dye and my friend who is studying to be a cosmetologist is going to do it for me.

Well, I'll posts for real tomorrow no matter what. (Tomorrow is Tuesday, right? I hope I haven't lost track of the days...) So you'll get all kinds of fun stories about camping. Yay!

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