Saturday, August 14, 2010

You be the jury

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Hey everyone. Well, technically I think I just failed at BEDA. Yes, I neglected to leave a post before midnight on Friday the 13th, which is sad, because there's so much to talk about! In my defense, I was busy just about all day, and a bunch of my friends just left after our scary move marathon. I think that since I'm still posting before I go to bed, it counts as a post for the 13th. I mean, to me, it still is the 13th. I haven't yet transitioned into Saturday Mode.

What do you think? Have I disparaged the name of BEDA by failing to post by the correct time? Or am I still good?

Also, do you leave two spaces after a sentence, or one?  Because in my sixth grade typing class, they told us to leave two spaces after every sentence.  I guess it does help distinguish a little better.  But it also just makes it seem like there's a lot of wasted space that could be filled with nice things like words and letters.  I don't know.  Thoughts?

I uploaded some new videos today. Neither are really related to anything. Mostly they were just for fun.

Also, as I previously mentioned, I hosted a scary movie night in honor of Friday the 13th. It ended up just being me and Alison and Alex and Steve. And we watched the remakes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, and Children of the Corn. There were boobs in 2/3 movies (and Texas Chainsaw Massacre was not one of them) which was mildly awkward. I mean, those girls are supposed to be like, 20. And they are ridiculously well-endowed. It's just kind of crazy.

The movies were pretty good, though. Well, most of them. For the first two, we designated characters for ourselves. I survived Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but in Friday the 13th, they totally pulled one out from left field and offed me. We all thought I'd be the lone survivor.

The version of Children of the Corn we rented ended up being a Syfy channel remake. It was terrible. Literally half the movie was spent watching the only two non-demonic/evil/child characters fighting over stupid things and making poor life decisions. The rest was watching the one remaining non-demonic/evil/child character be a badass Marine and kick some 8-year-old butt. And an awkward sex scene. But they seem to always throw those into bad horror movies. I guess it really drives the "horror" part home...

Well, that's it for me tonight. I'm going to sleep because I have to work tomorrow. And possibly go shopping with someone. But we'll see about that. Goodnight!

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