Tuesday, August 24, 2010


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Listening to: Malcolm in the Middle
Days til College: 3

AAHHH MOCKINGJAY COMES OUT TODAY!!! I am kind of the most excited person in the world. More excited than when my ukulele came four days early. I decided I'd blog now as I upload a Hanson CD onto my computer and before my copy of Mockingjay arrives at my house (it left Hodgekins, Indiana about 3 hours ago. Hodgekins, IN is roughly a 5 hour drive from my house [yes, I looked it up] so I can only hope it will get here sometime in the next two hours!) and shut myself in my room until it's done.

Tonight is my last shift at the video store. At least, until I come home for a break or something, and I'm not even sure if they'll let me pick up hours then. It's kind of bittersweet. On one hand, I am going to be really glad I don't have to work a job where I literally can't sit for my entire shift unless I excuse myself to the bathroom. On the other hand, I work with a ton of fantastic people. They're all super awesome. I'm going to miss them.

I packed a lot of my college stuff yesterday. I think I'm a pro at packing. I got almost the entire contents of my closet in one suitcase. There are literally four layers of rolled up shirts/sweaters/dresses in there, plus a side pocket completely full of socks and undergarments. It's pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

Also, yesterday we found out that my dog, Buddy, has a tumor the size of a walnut in his mouth. I guess it's really painful for him. And the surgery to remove it costs $800 which my family can't afford because my parents are currently putting 3 kids through college/grad school and just bought a replacement car for my dad and are looking for a new house. I feel so bad for him. I wish there was something I could do.

Ok, my Hanson CD is done uploading. I'm taking that as a sign to stop blogging. Also, I just heard what sounds miraculously like a UPS truck down my street (it's probably not, it's probably a sewer pump truck; they're everywhere today). More tomorrow after I'm done with Mockingjay!

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  1. I ran out and got mine this morning! I will probably not do my homework at all this week because I want to do nothing but read it! Gah, it's good so far!