Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaccckkk!

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Hello, friends.

Well, I definitely had an interesting camping trip. It's a four hour drive from my house to the place where we camped. Oddly, I really love long car rides. To me, sitting in a car with all this gorgeous scenery whooshing past me as I cuddle up on the seat with a book is relaxing. So I rode with my sister on the way up and I finished Catching Fire (it was just as amazing as I'd hoped and I pre-ordered Mockingjay right away when I got home).

So we get up to the campsite and set up the tents and get all the food situated and my brother rolls in about an hour later, and then my family all goes out to dinner. We ate at this restaurant-slash-bar that had fantastic ribs. And while we were there, it started storming. And by storming, I mean, "God got really, really angry at the world and decided he wanted to make as much water as possible hit the ground in the shortest amount of time." You couldn't step outside for more than a second without being completely soaked.

And the rain continued. And continued. And continued. All through the night. It let up once or twice, just long enough that I was lulled into a false sense of security and fell asleep. But then I'd be woken by a crack of lightning that hit waaayyyyy to close to our tent to be comfortable. Plus, the people in the site next to us were apparently trying to leave, but their car kept stalling so the nice "HRRRRRRRRHRHRHHRHRRRHHRRRHHRRRHRHRHRHRHRH" of someone trying to start a car that doesn't want to start woke me up a few times.

Both of my siblings left the next day. And I got bored. Yesterday we and wandered on a beach where I picked up a pretty impressive collection of white and amber sea glass. Only, because I live in the midwest, far away from any actual seas, it was just glass from probably broken beer bottles that had been smoothed out by the water and tossed back ashore. It was still cool, though.

We ended up leaving shortly after our beach trip. The skies showed little intention of clearing up and we were all cranky and wanting to shower. So I actually did come home yesterday.

Then, last night, a bunch of my friends went to this teen dance thing at a conference center in town. I did, too. It was awesome. The DJ played mostly good dancing music and we were out on the floor for just about the entire three hours. I was so sweaty by the time we left. But it was a great time. There's another one on Monday, so my group already has plans to be there.

More minor news: I whacked my elbow really hard on one of those hooks you can hang stuff on in a dressing room at Target. So hard I lost feeling in my arm for a little bit. I think I hit right on a nerve. It's really painful. And it's already bruising.

Plus, I saw The World's Third Largest Loon. How cool is that?

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  1. That sounds like a really eventful camping trip. I'm glad you didn't drown from all that rain and were able to tell us about the Worlds Largest Loon!